The Healing Seed International Network Initiative


For the next months, the idea is to strengthen the connection between the people with the same intentions, and have a regular income to give food once a month in Kathmandu.

Our dream for the next year is to raise funds to build a community center in Kathmandu, where the poorest people can have food, and also clothing and blankets, as Nepal is a country that can get extremely cold during winter. We are organizing tours around the world with the teaching of Ancient Massage and Ancient Healing, with the intention of raising this funds.

The next big dream is to raise money to buy a piece of land in Nepal, to start a self-sustainable community to take care of old people, disabled people and abandoned women and children, offering education, organic farming, courses, massage and healing.

The are many ways to get involved and be a part of The Healing Seed:
Participate on a feeding in Kathmandu
Organize a feeding in your own country
Start a local Healing Seed

Co-create a collaborative and international environment, where healing seeds can grow all over the world, spreading love and joy between all the parts involved.

To bring awareness and expression of love from all human beings, taking action and caring for the ones that most need.

The Healing Seed is a project that started in 1989 in Nepal, with the intention of looking after the street people in Kathmandu, with the dream of providing them the most basic needs, such as food, clothes and education. The results have inspired many people during these years, turning it into a collective dream that is spreading all over the world, bringing love and joy to all the volunteers and the thousands of the people impacted by the project.

The Healing Seed Canada